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Absorb Fees

Absorb Fees

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June 27, 2024
0:00 Alright, this is how you do absorbed fees, so uhm the buyer total here is $14 because we have the absorbed fee on, uhm if we didn't have that it'd be $20. 0:15 So there's a bunch of fees that I put on here and now they're just going to be absorbed into that $14. 0:20 So the customer will be a flat $14. Umm, if we go to this ticket type, we can see there are fees associated with that $12. 0:30 If I click that it would go to $12.00. We'll just leave that so we can compare. There. I'll publish this. 0:37 Yes. Umm. Now when we select one of these $14 tickets it's just a flat $14. No fees. Umm. And here for the ADA. 0:56 Just a straight up uh $12 with that $6.35 fee added. There you go.