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Ability to Hide Items on Settlement

Ability to Hide Items on Settlement

Alex Jensen
Written by
Alex Jensen
March 23, 2024

Greater Flexibility in Displaying Financial Details on the Settlement

We're excited to introduce an update that helps music venues manage and present their financial offers and settlements. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we've enhanced our software to offer more control and flexibility.

Key Updates:

Complete Visibility by Default: Now, all line items will be displayed by default in both offers and settlements, even if the upside percentage is set to 0%. This change ensures that you have a comprehensive view of your financial details at all times.

Existing 'Don’t Show in Offer' Feature: Leverage our existing functionality to selectively hide specific line items in offers. This means you can choose to display only the most relevant items, maintaining clarity and focus.

No Additional Development Required: This user-friendly feature is already part of our software, ensuring a seamless transition to the new default display setting.

New Settlement Display Flexibility: A brand-new option for each line item in settlements. While everything shows by default, you now have the power to hide any item from CSV and PDF exports with a simple toggle.

Synchronized with Offer Settings: To streamline your workflow, selecting to hide an item in the offer will automatically hide it in the settlement PDF. However, these settings can be independently adjusted, providing unmatched customization. For instance, hide an expense in the offer but display it in the settlement.

Empowering Music Venues with Choice: This update is all about giving you more control over how you present and manage your financial information. Whether it's maintaining a full overview or selectively showcasing certain details, Opendate adapts to your specific needs.