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How To Use The Opendate Organizer App

How To Use The Opendate Organizer App

Alex Jensen
Written by
Alex Jensen
December 12, 2023


0:00 Hey everyone, Andrew from Opendate here. Today I'm going to show you how to use the Opendate Organizer app. The Opendate Organizer app will act as your venue's mobile box office.
0:09 So in order to get started, go to the Apple App Store and download the Opendate Organizer app. Once you've done that, you can open the app you log in using your Opendate account, and it will display all the venues that you are associated with in your OpenDate account.
0:25 So click into the venue of your choice. Once you get in there, it'll show you all your events on sale and all your past events.
0:33 Now, this is a demo account, so we're going to work off some past events here. So to get started, you can click into any of the individual events.
0:42 Within there, you'll be able to see your ticket sales broken down by ticket type and add-ons. You'll also be able to scroll down and see your admission in real time here.
0:51 So as folks are being checked in, you can track those check-ins and keep track of them by ticket type and add-ons.
0:59 Under the event detail side of things, this is going to show you the show advance that you've built in the Opendate web app.
1:06 This is great to share with your staff, such as production staff, box office staff so they can keep track of things like load in, sound check times, as well as the doors opening.
1:19 So to start checking folks in, click on the check-in tab here. This is going to show you your total manifest for ticket sales.
1:30 Anyone that has been checked in has a green check mark next to their name, as you can see. Those that haven't been checked in yet, you simply can click their name and click check in.
1:40 They've now been checked in, as you can see, they now have a green tab. You can also scan people's tickets.
1:46 This uses the camera on the device, so simply click this plus button, And this will allow you to scan the QR code on the ticket, either on a mobile device or print it out.
1:59 Okay, and if you want to sell a ticket, in order to do that, you click this cell button. This will allow you to sell both tickets, both cash and credit.
2:12 So you can choose a ticket type here, just add one, or as many as you want to the cart. Click credit for credit obviously and you can enter the card number manually or you can attach a card reader Which I'll show you how to do here shortly We will add the credit card processing fee to this payment, but
2:30 there is no open date Fee added to these sales on cash. Obviously. There are no fees at all added. It will just be the flat price of the ticket All right, so if we go back You can click the three dots on the main screen and then click setting and this is where you can add a card reader Click payment
2:48 methods, and then click add new card reader, and you can do so by discovering Bluetooth. Just make sure you have your Bluetooth on, and that stays on throughout the course of the box office hours.
3:00 Alright, so that's a quick run through of this simple, but powerful app to run your box office. Let us know if you have any questions.
3:10 As always, you can reach out to us by phone, email, or on Slack. Thanks so much, and best to luck with your shows.